W.Stevens Consulting Services
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Warren Stevens - Proprieter

Justice of the Peace

Certified Life...Business...Executive Coach

My background has been in the corporate business world where I have had over 20 years experience as the senior executive for several large companies ...including...

Sanyo ( Australia ) Pty Limited ...and
LG Electronics ( Australia ) Pty Limited.

Providing mentoring in 'Lifestyle Investment Programs' has been very rewarding and personally gratifying for many years.

My tertiary qualifications include Marketing, Finance, Logistics and also very experienced in the Import and Export fields for consumer products and I am licensed to deal in Real Estate.

I have also travelled the world extensively and have acquired a knowledge and understanding of many countries cultures, lifestyles and traditions, which has enabled me to be realistic and empathetic, insightful and passionate toward my commitment to the personal and professional development of people in all walks of life and industries

The reason why I coach is that I really enjoy working with people to achieve challenging goals. My strong points as a coach are my in depth understanding of business, my creativity and my commitment to getting results.

Our coaching provides

Professional ethics with a high level of integrity

Absolute committment  to the development of our clients goals and objectives.

Awareness of issues and challenges facing executives and small business owners

Compatability dealing with busy high 'net worth' individuals and executives

Insights with good communication skills and exceptionally good listeners

Confident and successful coaches in our own right