W.Stevens Consulting Services
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A specific mentoring program is established when the client wants to implement, run and control the issues being addressed.

Having an independent mentor to provide expertise, advice and honest feedback can be worthwhile.

Subject to the issues, some analysis may be undertaken to assist the process, but the mentor is at arms length to the physical implementation.

When implementing change, it is common for additional issues to arise.

The consulting process can also become a mentoring process, particularly after good rapport is established as a result of effective advice.

The mentoring relationship is usually ad-hoc according to the circumstances but seldom involves a separate structured approach because it tends to be an ongoing process.

Mentoring sessions are run similarly to coaching sessions, but with you setting the agenda.

Mentoring can be viewed as a cross mix between coaching at one extreme and consulting at the other end.

Programs can be structured as 1, 2, 4 or 8 hour sessions on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis - the choice is yours - according to what is going to be most effective for you in terms of achieving your goals.

Our Mentoring provides...

Professional ethics with a high level of integrity

Absolutely committed to the development of our clients goals and objectives.

Aware of issues and challenges faced by executives and small business owners

Compatability dealing with busy high 'net worth' individuals and executives

Insightful with good communication skills and exceptional good listener

Confident and successful mentors in our own right